'Haphead'. Webseries. Directed by Tate Young

Starring Elysia White

'Not Your Girl'. Canadian Film Centre CFC Short Film. Directed by Reza Dahya

'The Family Ring'. Short Film. Directed by Ryan Kilbourne

'Nostalgia' Canadian Film Centre CFC Music Lab. Directed by Sean Frewer

Starring: Kimberly LaFerriere, Giacomo Gianniotti, Jaclyn Riley and Brian Bridger

'Layla' Canadian Film Centre CFC Music Lab. Directed by Taf Diallo

Starring: Dan Jeannotte, Michael Eisner, Trevor Hayes and Steven Love

 'Termination' Canadian Film Centre CFC Music Lab. Composer: Erica Procunier, Directed by Sean Frewer

Starring: Greg Hovanessian and Erin Agostino

'The Party Line' music video. Artist - Belle and Sebastian

Starring: Gracie Robbin, Alexandra Kerr, Vincent Stattolon, Blake Ayliffe, Gabrielle Watson, Alexandra Kerr

'The Ravers', Comedy Skit. Directed by Mark Bethune

Cast: David Tompa, Brian Rhodes, Landy Cannon, Kristian Bruun, Jerritt Boyce, Gavin Fox Jack, Alastair Forbes

'Love, The Invention', Short Film. Directed by Rebecca Pearson

Starring: Ryan LaPlante, Christina Aceto, Peter Higginson, Victoria Murdoch, Neil Carpenter

'The Master', Short Film, screened at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Filip Terlecki

Starring Gloria Adora, Donald Baker, Raelee Steele

'Legs' music video. Artist - Danko Jones. Directed by Bruce LaBruce

Starring: Lexi Tronic, Brendan Halama, Cory Martin, Alyssa Viellas, Nikki Bella, Sybil Lamb, Nancy Bocock, Jeanne Rebus

'Brown Girl In The Ring'. Film Trailer. Directed by Sharon Lewis

'Purple Squirrels'. TV Pilot. Directed by Mike Lippert

Starring: Alex Lee, Olivia Clarke, Jacob Hogan, Luke Slade, Craig Estrella, Brett Payette, Kluane Carroll, Lisa Lau

'The Gift'. Short Film. Directed by Nazeer Mohamed

Starring: Jaron Francis, Heather Jean O’Donnell, Olivia Reid and John Smythe

 'The Wedding Singer'. UOT Harthouse Theatre theatre productions

Starring: Issac Bell, Matt Pilipiak, Scott Farley, Ashley Gibson, Romina Cortina, Howard Davis, Charlotte Catell, Sarah Horsman and Nicole Smashnuk

'This Is Halloween' music video. Artist - Snowzei Chau. Directed by Nik Benn
Starring: Snowzei, Marco Placencio, Juliana Qian, Miguel Manzo, Amanda Dias and Alex Mancini

'Come back to us'. Short Film. Directed by Drew Tapely

Starring: Erin Hickcock and Isabella

'Bite Down'. Music Video. Artist - Molitor

 'Playing With That Thing'. Music video. Artist - Susan Wylde

Starring: Susan Wylde and Melina Gammersbach