About Teresa Young

Teresa Young is a professional hair and makeup artist in Toronto, Canada. She specializes in all different types of makeup including bridal, fashion, film, theatre and special effects.

Teresa believes that all makeup applications should enhance an individual's natural beauty and loves to work with all different skin types and ethnicities. Teresa enjoys making women feel beautiful whether it being their big wedding day or going out to a special event. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to contribute to the happiness of someone's special day.


International Makeup Artist Trade Show Toronto 2013 Beauty/Fantasy finalist

International Makeup Artist Trade Show Vancouver 2014 Beauty/Fantasy finalist


Hubert Ye Hua, Adam Webster, Tianxiao Zhang, Hoyin Siu, Vaiyu Law, Alex Choi, Roberto Vazquez, Eric Tavares, Alexander Jamall, David Hou, Iris Yu, Sam Tsang, Ed Huang, Jeff Hui, Ryan Hollinrake, Tony Lei, Christy Vuong, Ed Dandy, Simon Goupil


Danko Jones - 'Legs'

Susan Wylde - 'Playing with that Thing'

Belle & Sebastian - 'Party Line'

Molitor - 'Bite Down'

Snowzei Chau - 'This is Halloween'

Modeling Agecnies

Plutino, Spot 6, Push, Orange, Seven, BNM Models, Elite, Sutherland, Elmer Olson, Angie's Models


Elvis Stojko, Gladys Orozco


Giacomo Gianniotti, Michael Eisner, Dan Jeannotte, Kimberly Laferriere, Trevor Hayes, Steven Love, Erin Agostino, Greg Hovanessian, David Reale, Peyton Kennedy, Alison Brooks, Melissa Peters, Brianna D’Aguanno, Vladimir Jon Cubrt, Elizabeth Whitmere, Ronan Rees, David Tompa, Brian Rhodes, Landy Cannon, Kristian Bruun, Jerritt Boyce, Gavin Fox, Alastair Forbes, Scott Carmichael, Colin Price, Ryan LaPlante, Christina Aceto, Peter Higginson, Victoria Murdoch, Neil Carpenter, Gloria Adora, Donald Baker, Raelee Steele, Alex Lee, Olivia Clarke, Jacob Hogan, Luke Slade, Craig Estrella, Brett Payette, Kluane Carroll, Lisa Lau, Jaron Francis, Heather Jean O’Donnell, Olivia Reid, John Smythe, Issac Bell, Matt Pilipiak, Scott Farley, Ashley Gibson, Romina Cortina, Howard Davis, Charlotte Catell, Sarah Horsman and Nicole Smashnuk

TV Shows

Beauty And The Beast, The Expanse, The Strain, Man Seeking Woman, Suits, Heroes Reborn, Reign, 12 Monkeys, Defiance, Damien, Odd Squad, , Special Correspondants, Surviving Evil


Suicide Squad, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, End Of The Dream, Spotlight





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