Estee Lauder, MAC Warehouse Sale

It's the crazy time of the year again! Yup, the Estee Lauder Warehouse sale. I wasn't even planning on going this year but a makeup artist friend of mine had tickets and I just so happened to not have anything to do so I decided to check it out.

The past Mac Warehouse Sales I've always gone later so a lot of the good stuff was gone. This morning, I got there early. I went at 8am, I misread the invite thinking it was starting at 8am when actually it's supposed to end at 8pm. I've been on set for the past four days so probably wasn't really thinking. Anyways, I waited to hours but I was ahead of the line :)

First thing I got were these clear Estee Lauder bags, $2. As a professional makeup artist, it helps to be able to see all your products so I love clear organization bags! I grabbed two of these small rectangular MAC bags... didn't think I really had much use for it just looked good and was $1. I went back later and they were all GONE!

I really tried to only purchase items I would only need for my kit and not get thing everything I wanted. Still spent close to $300 :/ The Smashbox palettes were an amazing deal and I'm such a sucker for eyeshadow palettes. The sale was worth going to but I probably wouldn't have paid to get a ticket.